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Brandy Nechelle. Older than most on here (ehh). I'm pretty random and easily amused. I tend to ponder about life and such late at night. (Sorry if I get too deep sometimes). I love things that make me giggle. and candy. I LOVE candy. Enjoy :D Showing Me Love
TV Fail

So I was kind of excited to get back to campus so that I could catch up on all the shows I missed cause I was too busy bonding with family and friends. Turns out, out of the 6 shows I watch, only 2 were new this week and one actually doesn’t count because it was a bullshit Highlight episode. I feel CHEATED!!! How can I feed my tv addiction if my shows don’t come on?!!! GRRRRRRR (That’s my angry noise) All I want to do is spend the rest of my weekend being a fat blob on my bed and I can’t do that if I have nothing to watch >:[

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